Accounting, Payroll and Taxes in Brazil

  • Bookkeeping,
  • Tax statements,
  • Tax calculation (monthly, quarterly and yearly),
  • Tax support, information and alerts,
  • Payroll management, 
  • Preparation of official periodic accounts, 
  • Reporting with Group template in English,
  • Filing necessary information and records with the local and federal authorities.
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Legal Representation in Brazil

  • Legal representation of stakeholders, Attorney-in-fact, 
  • Legal representation of your Brazilian subsidiary (Administrador),
  • Legal headquarters for companies in a prestigious address in downtown São Paulo, or in Rio de Janeiro.
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Financial Audit in Brazil

  • Accounting and financial audits,
  • Due diligence,
  • Organizational audit,
  • Corporate Governance audit,
  • Contracts audit,
  • Procedures diagnosis,
  • Specific audits.
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Business and Financial Consulting in Brazil

  • Part time CFO,
  • Budgeting and budget monitoring, 
  • Organization,
  • Management control,
  • Internal Controls,
  • Implementation and monitoring of the accounting department, 
  • Cost cutting.
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International Finance

  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • FX (câmbio)
  • Credit Access
  • Local Investments
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