We are specialized:

We offer accounting, auditing, legal representation and financial consulting adapted to your business needs in Brazil, both in Portuguese and English languages. Our experience and methodology are drawn from the « Big 4 ». 

We are trilingual, multi-cultural, British qualified, and Brazilian qualified Chartered  Accountants, rigorous at work, and willing to develop an enduring relationship of trust to service your projects and business interests in Brazil.

We offer a strong and powerful experience in accounting and taxation, with deep knowledge and understanding of the complex regulatory framework in Brazil. 

All of our clients are international companies (European, North American and Asian) doing business in Brazil, mainly SMEs. All of them are willing to understand what makes Brazil different, how it works, or why it doesn’t always work perfectly. All of them want to comply with the laws, but still want to limit the tax burden whenever its possible, and avoid penalties for late payments, tax control and labor lawsuits. All of them want a contact person who can read and speak English, and a partner with a Western cultural background. All of them want to apply IFRS standards to their Brazilian operations (when it is relevant).

Our Differentials:

  • We exclusively offer our services to international companies.
  • We have an international background, therefore we understand your needs.
  • We are specialized, therefore we have experience.
  • We come from the « Big 4 » and offer the highest quality standard.
  • We anticipate, we inform, we alert, we advise.

Because you are an international company looking for professional accounting, financial consulting, legal representation and auditing services in Brazil,
Because Brazil is different from any other country where you operate,
Because you want in Brazil the same STANDARD OF QUALITY and reactiveness that you receive in your home country,
Because some of our clients also experienced the same issues you are facing and we know what decision to take.

Common principles:

Our common principles are ETHICS and QUALITY.

To us, it is paramount that we practice our profession with integrity. We shall always be guided by the code of conduct that governs the profession of Chartered Accountant, and beyond!

We lead by example.
We bring out the best in each other and create strong and successful working relationships.
We respect the individuals and their differences.
We respect people for who they are and for their knowledge, skills and experience as individuals and team members.
We seek the facts and provide insight.
By challenging assumptions and pursuing facts, we strengthen our reputation as trusted and objective business advisers.
We are open and honest in our communication.
We share information, insights and advice frequently and constructively and manage difficult situations with courage and candor.
We are committed to our communities.
We act as responsible corporate citizens by broadening our skills, experience and perspectives through work in our communities and by protecting the environment.
Above all, we act with integrity.

We are constantly striving to uphold the highest professional standards, provide sound advice and rigorously maintain our independence.

The BPC Partners Code of Conduct outlines the standards of ethical conduct that applies to all BPC Partners employees and directors—regardless of title or position—and serves as a road map to help guide actions and behaviors. It spells out fundamental ethical principles and highlights resources available to help partners and employees understand and uphold those principles.

The original Code was updated in 2016 to reflect developments in law, regulations and professional ethics. Organization, planning, control and information are the keywords in our Code of Conduct; they enable us to deliver quality within the deadlines.

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